For more than twenty-one years, I have been a manager and change agent in large, global organisations, and often among stories and assumptions that change in behaviour and performance is a result of adaptation of structures and processes only.


Today, I work as director of organisational development at LandboNord. It is a Danish consultancy company with a full-line service aimed at the agricultural industry. My colleagues are highly skilled practitioners, and they work with change every day.


“Change” was also a key word in my doctoral studies (Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice). I explored the set-up of organisations "beyond talent management", in the sense I was curious to find out what happens if we explore organizational life with the systemic lenses on, and go beyond social constructions and phenomena like Human Resources, hierarchy and talent management.


My recent focus has been on practicing innovative approaches by looking beyond storytelling, models, tools and recipes as the only ways of working with the phenomenon “change”. My experiences have given me a deep appreciation for how the in-house practitioner seeks to improve the quality of life inside organisations.


In addition to my roles "within" organisations, I am also heavily involved in the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice at University of Bedfordshire (as tutor, research supervisor and director of studies) committed to encouraging awareness of change and changing.


I am a co-founder and deputy editor of the international journal “Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice”. It is a home for peer reviewed papers on the themes of movement, dialogue, relational know-how and living ethics.




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